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M Kaleem Arshad MD discusses controversies regarding Marijuana and Psychiatry

M KaleemArshad MD

M Kaleem Arshad MD, former President of Louisiana Psychiatric Medical Association addresses the issue of marijuana in the mental health arena. There is an ongoing heated debate and controversies surrounding this issue, says M Kaleem Arshad MD. There is passionate discussion in medicine and public about marijuana use by psychiatric patients. The role of marijuana […]

Kaleem Arshad MD

M Kaleem Arshad, MD explains best practices for managing Alzheimer’s disease

M Kaleem Arshad

As America’s population ages, instances of illnesses such as Alzheimer’s disease are on the rise. A condition which is difficult to manage, Alzheimer’s disease patients often suffer from pain, depression, anxiety, medication interactions, and changes in their environment. The source of much agitation, managing these and other complaints and complications calls for a broad spectrum […]